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Born and raised in the beautiful Cotswolds, I lived in the outskirts of London for seven years serving as an Air Cartographer in the Royal Air Force. Upon leaving, I managed a large format printing company which very much taught me the do's and most definitely the don't's of doing business. This is also where the Adobe Creative Suite and I became the bestest of friends.

Whilst in this full-time role I did what many other Millenials have done and started a side-hustle. In 2019 I started Fiona Chandler Photography. Shooting as many local team sports as I possibly could. I risked frostbite whilst on the sidelines of football games and I narrowly escaped barbells landing on my head whilst capturing CrossFit competitions. It was all valuable experience and I genuinely, positively and emphatically enjoyed every goddamn second of it.

Hello Marketing

I ran FCP in every spare moment I had, evenings, weekends, and even early mornings. I LOVE taking photos, I love the whole process. Meeting new clients, taking their photos, editing, and delivering them all in the most professional way I possibly can.


After four years in the graphic design and print production world and running FCP on the side, it was time to delve into what was becoming a new passion of mine, digital marketing. I hounded the manager of Clifton Cameras for an entry-level marketing job and spent three fabulous years learning from an incredible team and leader. I heavily benefitted from the staff discount too and spent most of my wages on upgrading my camera gear.


Steffi Stern

"She literally goes down on her knees to get that special mini second that words cannot describe."

My Next Steps

Clifton Cameras taught me more than just marketing skills, this is where my presenting career started and swiftly ended. After hosting many of the company YouTube review videos I realised that I was destined to be behind the camera and not in front of it.

In 2022 I took a big girl step and decided to quench my thirst for more marketing knowledge by joining the Dream Team at Patch Marketing. As an agency serving the event industry, I was in the fortunate position of content manager where I captured, produced and delivered everything from photo, video and blogs to paid social campaigns and SEO projects to a plethora of fantastic clients across the business.

After a short stay at Patch, I saw a post from fitness industry branding legends GraphFit, they were looking for a digital marketer and the rest is history. I now cover all things digital marketing for the team whilst also managing paid advertising for a handful of high-profile online coaches. To say it's the dream job where marketing, content creation and the fitness industry have combined, would be an understatement.

Through all of my print production, graphic design and content marketing roles, FCP has been a constant steady stream of professional and personal development. Only made possible by my support team of my wife, Tricia, who is head of staff well-being and my dog Ronnie, who is head of distractions and is the occasional model.


Ready to Get to Work?

With over 69,300 other fitness professionals working in the UK,

how are you making yourself different from the rest?

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