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You've got the photos, the Instagram reels, and the swish social graphics to match but what about your website? It's 2023 and NO fitness brand or any other small business for that matter should be without an optimised website.

Sure, it's not too difficult to build one through Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace, but is your website SEO-friendly and how are you keeping it optimised and in line with the latest core updates from our good friends at Google HQ?

As part of a content marketing strategy, I'll audit your website to see if there are any major issues in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation), then over a 6 or 12-month period, I'll make a plan to tackle the issues and keep your website up to speed. Together, this is a partnership after all, we'll look at ways to keep growing your site and to keep bringing in fresh leads.


We'll target blogs, making sure that they are aimed at answering the burning questions from your audience and assess the need for paid advertising, be they search campaigns or paid social media campaigns.


Together we'll establish the right line of action for you, your brand and your budget.


Scroll-stopping Content

It's not about the likes or the comments, it's about adding value to your brand.

Slick social media content photo and video will give you a professional edge over your competition and turn those views and engagements into leads and sales.


Do you even need professional-level photo these days? In some circumstances, no, absolutely not. A blurry photo here and there adds a sense of realism and authenticity. But do it regularly and it takes away from your professionalism and credibility.


My clients have always told me that it comes down to time and the lack of it, when it comes to creating consistent and quality content. In my one-hour photoshoots, we can produce over 200 images to drip feed onto your socials for over 3-months.




During a photo and video shoot, I'll capture, edit and deliver at least three short-form videos to use across social media or even your website. These short-form videos are great for using as highlight reels across social media.


Nothing captures a client's attention more than a video, so go big and branch into interview or podcast style video that offers the ultimate in content marketing capabilities. 

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