You've got the photos and video, now what?

You're a business owner. You've had some amazing photos taken and have a stock of your own promotional videos to share with your current and future clients. Bloody fantastic start, and well done for taking action.

But, does your written content match your visual content?

Good content keeps current clients engaged whilst also enticing news clients to join in. Photos and videos are just half of what makes 'good content', the other half is having decent COPY.

What is the purpose of copywriting?

Put (very) simply, written content, or copy, has two main purposes;

  1. To engage and educate

  2. To assist with organic search rankings

Good copy should engage your client, educate them and ultimately persuade them to take action. Whether this is to purchase goods or services, sign up to your newsletter or to simply keep coming back for more good content.

Good copy has to meet the needs and answer the questions of your ideal clients whilst also being relevant to search engines.

If you're posting to your social media, blog or your website, you won't get very far with the likes of Google if you've got a shed load of relevant pictures but no substance or structure behind it.

So do your research. Plan your content.

Do you want engaging social posts? Plan them in advance. Research what's popular with your ideal client and what they're interested in within your field of expertise. Then write about it.

Updating your website? Plan it all out. Research the questions that your ideal clients are asking and answer them within the content of your website.

In summary

In a nutshell, good copywriting positions you as an authoritative and knowledgable source within your industry and ultimately puts you in the forefront of the minds of your ideal client when they are ready to take action.

If you want to learn more about having solid copy that matches your sexy photos and video, comment below or drop me a message and we can chat some more.

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