5 Ways to prepare for your first photoshoot

Ok, so you’ve booked yourself a shoot and now you’re wondering ‘how do I prepare for a photoshoot?’ Well that’s convenient as I’ve got 5 simple pointers on just how to prepare yourself.

1. Practice the poses YOU want to do

I pride myself on making even the most uncomfortable in-front of camera people, feel comfortable. There’s nothing worse than that awkward smile, or rigid pose because you just don’t feel in your comfort zone. And this is completely normal, I would be exactly the same!

So whilst I can do my best to relax you and take things easy, it’s probably worth you trying out a few poses in the mirror the night before. Find a couple of positions and facial expressions (smiling or holding a serious face) that you can use as your ‘go-to’. We can then use that as a base to build your confidence and then see where the shoot takes us.

2. Bring clothing options

This isn’t essential but it can really help create some different vibes and looks in the end result. Quite important if you’re doing the photoshoot for social media content, the change of outfits can help you with keeping the content looking fresh as you post it to your followers over a long period of time.

If bringing some spare tops is too much of a ball ache then perhaps wearing a coat, jumper or shirt that you can remove part way through could be a better option.

3. Bring some simple props

No I’m not talking whips and chains, something as simple as your mobile phone or laptop will suffice. Think about props that are synonymous with your brand or business. This could be some of your products or ways in which you provide your service (mobile phone or laptop).

Again, not essential at all, having some props just helps to create some visual differences in your photos so that you can keep that content feeling fresh and new when you start drip feeding it to your followers.

4. Think about how you want the photos to represent you and your brand

Not a straightforward one but still something to consider and to talk to me about prior to the shoot. We need to make sure we’re both on the same page and aiming to create the same end result. There’s no point in me thinking that you want some grungy, street and graffiti vibe when you’re looking for fun, relaxed and natural.

So communicate with me, tell me or show me examples of other photos that inspire you and that you’d like to use as a template. This can give us a great starting point that we can then build on and make our own.

5. Look after yourself

You might think that smiling (or not smiling and serious face posing) at a camera for the best part of an hour is not very taxing, but I kid you not, it is. The nervous energy coupled with constantly making small movements and communicating with me can be very tiring. I like to chat a lot when on a shoot.

I personally, always make sure I have water and snacks on a shoot, partly because it’s also tiring for me to be moving about and holding my ridiculously heavy lenses but also because I like snacks.

Make sure you get some good rest the night before too, you don’t want to be waking up feeling rough and therefore hating how you look. My job is to give you confidence in your appearance but it sure helps if you start the shoot feeling as positive as possible!


That's my 5 top tips on how to prepare for your first photoshoot. If you want to have a look into the different shoots I can offer then head over to my pricing page here > and have a gander!

Thanks for reading, please feel free to share your thoughts with me on this by commenting below or by chatting on Instagram >

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