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I'm a sports photographer by trade, capturing CrossFit competitions, weightlifting and fitness events, and that probably covers about 80% of my client work. Now, it wouldn't be fun to do the same thing day in and day out, so I like to mix things up with different genres and keep my skills sharp by shooting things other than sweaty athletes.

I shoot professional business headshots, great for a LinkedIn profile update or for the company website, along with around five or six weddings per year, typically for couples that I've met in the gyms I shoot content in! It's a small world hey.




Social Media Photography

Photo, video and content marketing for fitness brands and small businesses.



Business Portraits

Formal but not, you know?

Fresh portraiture for the ultimate social profile banger.



Wedding Photography

Who doesn't want a gay wedding photographer that wears a Hawaiian shirt to capture your day?


It Starts with an Email

I don't jump into a photoshoot with just anyone, let's talk through what you want and what you need.

I'll take the time to understand you, your business, how you want to grow and how I can help you do just that.

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